Must-Haves in Your New Lake Havasu Home

Must-Haves in Your New Lake Havasu Home

Must-Haves in Your New Lake Havasu Home

Must-Haves in Your New Lake Havasu Home

Moving into your new home is a hectic and exciting time! Often, we forget basics that we didn’t even realize we need until we need them. For example, a ladder or better yet, ladders. Who knew how often a ladder would be needed, and different types? You want to make your new home moving process as easy as it can be and having these essentials handy will surely help with that!

Fire Extinguisher

Here is a forgotten but much needed item. We have probably all had at least one scare in the kitchen or from a candle that you thought, “that could have been real bad.” It is best to avoid these scenarios with having the proper safety equipment handy. There are different types of fire extinguishers including ones for cooking oils and woods, so choose the best one for your needs.


You most likely already have acquired your basic tools such as a hammer, screw driver, level, measuring tape, and hopefully a drill. But, home ownership comes with the need for some heavy duty tools such as a ratchet set, hand saw, and stud finder. While you are figuring out your tool situation, go ahead and make a tool kit, and keep it handy.


Things come up that require you to not only need light but also both of your hands! Invest in a hands-free headlamp for when you need to check the basement, breaker box, or even crawl space. Something you don’t think about until you are asking “Hey honey, come hold the flashlight please!”

A Good Wet-Dry Vacuum

We all make messes. Especially when doing things around the house like weekend projects. A vacuum which can handle both wet and dry messes is one to keep handy.

Extension Cords

Here is another one that you don’t think about or realize how often you will need extension cords. Especially around Christmas time when you have to use all of those pretty lights to be festive! Go ahead and organize them and keep them in a spot you will remember. At some point, you will needs those guys!

Emergency Kit

Be prepared! It is just a good rule of thumb. Keep general things like cash, food, water, a change of clothes, a flashlight, batteries, first aid kit, and sleeping bags in this kit. Stock up for the whole family, including pets, and be prepared for at least 3 days of supplies. Don’t forget diapers and formula if you have infants in the house.

Owning your own home is such an accomplishment and comes with pride. With all of the responsibility of home ownership, hopefully these tips can help ease your busy minds, and contribute to your preparedness in this role.

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