Spend An Hour a Day to Organize Your Entire Lake Havasu Home!

Spend An Hour a Day to Organize Your Entire Lake Havasu Home!

Spend An Hour a Day to Organize Your Entire Lake Havasu Home!

Spend An Hour a Day to Organize Your Entire Lake Havasu Home!

Say you have this endless to-do list around the house that you seem to never get to or take forever to get to just one thing. You probably have good intentions and try really hard to fit these things into your free weekends but free weekends fill up quickly with better things to do! What if there was an easy way to tackle it all and not have to spend the whole weekend doing it? Well, there is! Try dedicating an hour a day to these projects around the house. Make an appointment with yourself! Here are some ways to get that done.

  1. Make your list

This is first step to getting anything done! List all of the things that need your time, need repair, fixing up, touching up, or organizing. Once you do that, you can start with the most important: what is driving you crazy at the moment? Maybe it is that your desk is covered in papers from work, mail, or your kid(s) school? Maybe your files need a re-freshening and you have a lot of papers that need shredding? Once you figure out what time of day you can set an hour aside, begin by organizing or cleaning whatever it is that is adding stress to your home.

  1. Designate a bye-bye box

Place a specific box in your home for giving items away. Whether it is clothes, household items, appliances, toys, etc. Decide if you want to donate it or give it to a friend or family member and keep it handy so you can grab it as you go out the door.

  1. About those decorations

Now that the holidays are over, you can take all of the items you didn’t put up this year, and put them in the go-away box.

  1. Make your doorway a happier place

One of the best ways to do this is by organizing and creating a system for your entry-way. You know what annoys you when coming and going through your entry-way. Spend your hour one day, fixing that. Once you get a system in place, you will feel so happy!

  1. In the kitchen

The kitchen is a chaotic place sometimes. Especially when it comes to pots, pans, and small appliances like crock-pots and such. Go through them and organize them. Spend your hour that day putting a kitchen system in place that works better for your cabinets and your convenience. Make it easier to grab the items you use regularly. While you’re at it, go through your utensils and clean them out. If you don’t use them, store or donate them. Otherwise, make the ones you use the most the easiest to access. Sort your food storage containers; clean the counters of big appliances you don’t use as much as you think. Remove a chunk of your coffee mugs as you only really need a few! This may take more than an hour. Decide how you want to take this one. Just remember in the end, it is so worth it!

  1. The living room

Take a good look at your displays around the living room and on shelves. Decide if something needs a change and make it happen! The best part about doing it this way, an hour a day, is that you have put getting it done finally into action. While you are in the living room, examine your cables. This is not the most fun job you will have but you can knock it out. Bundle the cables together with a bread tie and label them.

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