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Bob Ulery

Bob is a 29-year veteran in residential and multifamily real estate sales and marketing. After his first career in the computer industry for over 20 years Bob decided to simplify his life and become self-employed. He went into residential real estate sales and marketing in 1991. In the years since he has helped hundreds of clients successfully buy and sell homes, plus rental investment plexes and apartment complexes. He has closed over 800 transactions in that time worth an estimated $252-Million. Bob places his clients at the center of all he does so they receive outstanding customer service and their needs are superbly met. Because of his corporate background Bob also has excellent negotiating and statistical analysis skills. Bob has an MBA from the University of Arizona and a BS in Math/Physics from Cal Poly, Pomona. Bob’s personal interests include golf, photography, amateur astronomy and high performance autos. He lives with his wife, Annette and their basset hound Chopper.