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Lake Havasu Desert Storm and Shootout 2024

Consider last weekend's boat show just a teaser of things to come. In fact, one of the biggest boating events in the Southwest hit town last night: the Lake Havasu Desert Storm & Shootout 2024. And it promises big fun through Saturday night...

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Lake Havasu Boat Show 2024

Why do people flock to our little city in the desert every year? Mostly for the lake, of course. Our warmer weather allows us to play out on the water almost year-round. Since much of our lifestyle relies so heavily on the lake, it makes sense ...

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Lake Havasu Car Shows Rule March Weekends

When you live in an area with over 300 days of sunshine a year and hundreds of miles of open highways, you can only think of one thing. Driving. Well, to be fair, in Havasu, really anything outdoorsy comes to mind. But while other areas of the ...

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How Bankruptcy Affects a Home Buyer

According to the US Court website, more than 430,000 people filed for bankruptcy last year. The decision to do so brings many emotions along with it: shame, embarrassment, depression, anger. It also affects your finances for several years after...

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Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion 2024

One of the biggest events of its kind west of the Mississippi takes place starting tomorrow. That's right. The Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion 2024 comes back in full force at the Lake Havasu State Park campgrounds. What: Lake Havasu Rockabil...

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How to Prepare to Sell Your Lake Havasu Home

After hitting a high of 7.79% back in October 2023, some experts predict that we may see interest rates falling below 6% this year. That may be exactly what is needed to push more buyers into the market. If you plan on selling your home in 2024...

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