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closing costs

Closing Costs: What to Expect

Congratulations on finding the home of your dreams. The seller even accepted your offer. Way to go! You made it past the first hurdle. enter escrow. Here is where we talk money. The downpayment is only one expense buyers pay. (If you ...

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City officials provide assistance to low-income Havasu homeowners wishing to make health and/or safety-related updates to their homes.

Help for Low-Income Havasu Homeowners Available Now

Do you own a home in Lake Havasu? Do you struggle to make ends meet each month? Does your property need repairs due to safety concerns but you cannot afford to make them? The City of Lake Havasu wants to help. So, they created the Community Dev...

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Downpayment Assistance for Havasu Home Buyers

Purchasing a property for first-time homebuyer can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. First, you need a good REALTOR® to represent you. Then, you must make sure your financials are in order. That includes your downpayment. If you find your fun...

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2021 Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair

2021 Havasu Balloon Festival Mixes Things Up

It is New Year's Eve. As we bid a (not so) fond farewell to 2020, we still find ourselves dealing with a global pandemic. And its repercussions appear to extend into 2021. Specifically, it affects our beloved annual Havasu BalloonFest. Initiall...

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First time homebuyers in Lake Havasu

Smart Tips for First-Time Homebuyers in Lake Havasu

Tired of renting? Want to stop paying someone else's mortgage and start investing in your own property? The Lake Havasu real estate market is hot, hot, HOT! Never owned a home before? That's OK. These tips make it easier for first-time homebuye...

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