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The IJSBA 2020 World Finals comes to Lake Havasu City during the first week of October. Watch athletes compete in high-intensity racing and aerial acrobatics out on the water.

IJSBA 2020 World Finals Comes to Havasu in October

COVID-19 took a massive bite out of 2020. Luckily, our Lake Havasu real estate market remained strong through it all. But many of the events we usually enjoy during the spring and summer took a hiatus for now. By no means should you interpret t...

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Complete Your 2020 Census Today

Last month, Lake Havasu residents should have received a mailer from the US Census Bureau about taking the 2020 Census. They’ve made it even easier than ever before by allowing you to complete your survey online or via phone. So, while we’r...

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Mayor Urges Social Distancing in Lake Havasu

Coronavirus (aka COVID-19) has been all over the news lately. Areas hardest hit seem to be along both coastlines. Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles all put major restrictions in place to limit exposure to others. In some areas, ...

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