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Complete Your 2020 Census Today

Last month, Lake Havasu residents should have received a mailer from the US Census Bureau about taking the 2020 Census. They’ve made it even easier than ever before by allowing you to complete your survey online or via phone. So, while we’re under social distancing orders, take just ten minutes out of your day to complete the census for your household. April 1st (Census Day) has come and gone. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore taking the census. Each household must complete a census survey by the end of August.


2020 Census

Online Survey
Probably the easiest way to complete your 2020 Census is online. Simply visit the My 2020 Census website set up by the government. Click on “start questionable”. It should take no longer than 10 minutes to fill out (less for smaller households). They allow you to choose from 13 different languages. So, you really have no excuse for not taking this survey.

Phone Survey

Don’t want to do an online survey? You can complete your questionnaire via phone instead. Call 844.330.2020 to start. In high volume call times, they offer a callback option instead of waiting on hold. Just leave the phone number you prefer that they call you back on and the date/time of availability. Then, someone will call you back.

Mail Survey
When you received your invitation from the Census Bureau last month, it included a questionnaire to fill out and mail in. Follow the instructions on the questionnaire and send it back in the prepaid envelope provided.

Why Take the Census?

The government uses the information to determine how much money a city receives for its public programs. This includes money allocated for schools, road maintenance, and other services. Even our 911 service depends on information from the census to determine how much money they receive for effective coverage.

The census never asks you for your:

  • entire social security number (they may request the last 4 digits for verification purposes only)
  • bank account or credit card numbers
  • political affiliations
  • donations or money

If someone calls you or talks to you in person stating that they are with the US Census Bureau and asks for any of these things, it’s a scam. Do not give them any information. If someone comes to your house claiming to be a census taker, ask for their official census badge. Then, call the regional bureau 509.888.8887. Right now, you should not be seeing anybody from the Census Bureau knocking on your door. For someone that calls you claiming to be with the Census Bureau, contact the National Processing Center.