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How to Buy a Havasu Home Sight Unseen

Open houses used to be a regular part of the Havasu home buying experience. But during the pandemic, this was put on hold for a while. While we now see open houses occur more regularly, some people still feel concerned about entering a stranger’s home. And for out-of-town buyers, physically visiting properties becomes difficult. In a highly competitive market like here in Lake Havasu City, you need to be ready to pounce on a property as soon as you think it works for you. If you are interested in buying a Havasu home sight unseen, use these tips to make it a successful experience.

How to Buy a Home Sight Unseen

Hire Locally

An experienced local Lake Havasu REALTOR® knows the market better than anyone. This really helps when you wish to buy a home sight unseen. Interview several agents. Ask them for references (and make sure you contact those references directly). Discuss how long they have been working in the Lake Havasu market and inquire about how many buyers they have worked with in the past. Visit the agent/company’s website to read testimonials.

Technology is Your Friend

During the pandemic, Havasu buyers used agents to be their eyes and ears. Oftentimes, only an agent would be allowed access onto the property. Thus, Facetime and Skype allowed agents to livestream a walkthrough with their clients. Also, many listings nowadays include a comprehensive 3D virtual tour and dozens of pictures of the property. Lastly, look up the property’s address on Google Street View.

Ask Questions

Feel free to ask any questions that may arise when considering a particular Havasu home. When your agent walks you through the property, ask them to check out specific areas of the home or to zoom in on a certain space that you want to see better. Inquire about the state of the electrical and plumbing systems. When was the last time the air conditioner was serviced? Does the pool pump work properly? If you have a question about anything, ask it.

Get a Floor Plan

The layout of the house is key when looking at properties in person. But it is essential to know the layout when you buy a home sight unseen. How else will you know if it fits in well with your day-to-day lifestyle? If the seller cannot provide a floor plan and your agent cannot find one available, ask them to provide measurements of the rooms. This helps you visualize the space for yourself.

Get the Pros in There

It is always a good idea to get a home inspection before you buy a property. And if you plan on financing the mortgage, your lender requires an appraisal. But these two things become even more crucial when buying a home sight unseen. The inspector will be able to tell you the condition of the entire property and if there are any red flags to be aware of. An appraiser helps you determine the value of the property. If it does not appraise for the sale price, you have some serious decisions to make.

When you are ready to buy a Havasu home, contact us. We’d love to help you find the Havasu home of your dreams.

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