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Lake Havasu Pumpkin Festival 2021

Have you bought your pumpkin yet for Halloween? No? Good! Once carved, they tend to decay pretty quickly. But, if you wait until next weekend, not only do you get a pumpkin, but you also support local youth programs. How? By purchasing your pumpkin at the Lake Havasu Pumpkin Festival 2021.

Pick up your Halloween pumpkin for carving at the Lake Havasu Pumpkin Festival and help local youth charities in the process courtesy of Lake Havasu Firefighters Charities. They also include a whole day of fun activities, too.

What: Lake Havasu Pumpkin Festival 2021
Where: Springberg McAndrew Park (Quiero Dr & McCulloch Blvd N)
When: October 22nd (5 pm to 9 pm) & October 23rd (9 am to 7 pm)
Admission: $5 per person ages 4+, Free for kids ages 3 and under
Contact: Lake Havasu Firefighters Charities (928) 453-8686 or via email

Lake Havasu Pumpkin Festival 2021

Lake Havasu Firefighters Charities host their annual Pumpkin Festival on Friday, October 22nd, and Saturday, October 23rd at Springberg McAndrew Park. In addition to choosing just the right pumpkin(s) for your jack-o-lantern carving, organizers planned a whole pumpkin “experience” for their guests. Activities include Halloween-themed arts and crafts, games (with prizes, of course), a fun obstacle course, a power bungee, face painting, a bounce house, and even some delicious firemen’s BBQ. Proceeds from the Pumpkin Festival benefit local youth programs funded through both Lake Havasu Firefighters Charities and the LHC Parks and Recreation Department.

Tips for Pumpkin Preservation

As I said before, pumpkins decay pretty quickly once carved. But there are ways to make them last for a bit longer. One popular way is to use a bleach bath. But that could kill wildlife that may find your jack-o-lantern good snacking or burrowing material. Instead, opt for a vinegar/water bath (one part vinegar to 10 parts water). Vegetable oil around the carved out parts works well, too. Then, give it an overall spritz of peppermint oil. This keeps insects away. If you want to keep larger critters from attacking your pumpkin, use petroleum jelly. Also, instead of cutting a hole in the top of the pumpkin (where the stem is), cut one on the side or bottom. The pumpkin decays much slower that way. When your jack-o-lantern starts to look a little rundown, submerge it in an ice bath for a couple of hours. Happy Halloween!

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