Lake Havasu Teach a Child to Fish Day

Our beautiful lake offers tons of fun both above and directly on the water. Boating. Tubing. Parasailing. Swimming. Jet skiing. Using a water jet pack to hover above the lake. So much fun! But did you know that our lake is teeming with fish just below the surface? Catfish, large and smallmouth bass, striped bass, and panfish all call our waters home. At this time of year, the catfish, panfish, and largemouth bass populations thrive. So, it seems like the perfect time for a Lake Havasu Teach a Child to Fish Day.

Pond Hopper Nation hosts a free Lake Havasu Teach a Child to Fish Day at Lake Havasu State Park on Sat, May 30th. Registration required.

What: Pond Hopper Nation’s Teach a Child to Fish Day
Where: Lake Havasu State Park, Windsor 4
When: Saturday, May 30th, 8 am to 3 pm
Admission: FREE
Contact: Albert Talafuse, Pond Hopper Nation (214) 930-7515 or via email

Lake Havasu Teach a Child to Fish Day

Do you love to fish? Want to pass that love on to your children? Now that Governor Ducey allowed his Stay-At-Home Order to expire last week, businesses around Arizona started opening back up. Even so, social distancing and attention to hygiene (washing your hands throughout the day for 20 seconds at a time) remain the rule of the day. And the organizers of Teach a Child to Fish Day plan on adhering to those recommendations as well. In addition to fishing, Pond Hopper Nation plans on hosting several fun activities that are perfect for every age group. Bring the entire family to Lake Havasu State Park for a day of fun in the great outdoors. Even a mediocre day of fishing is pretty much better than a day at school or work.

Registration Information

Yes. It costs nothing to participate in Teach a Child to Fish. However, parents need to sign their children up to make sure there are enough materials for everyone to participate. As a bonus, Pond Hopper Nation promises a free rod and reel to the first 100 kids that register. So, visit Pond Hopper Nation’s website to get your child registered today!

April 2020 Lake Havasu Market Report

Low inventory levels continue to nudge prices upward, according to the April 2020 Lake Havasu market report even with sales falling off a bit.

Complete Your 2020 Census Today

Last month, Lake Havasu residents should have received a mailer from the US Census Bureau about taking the 2020 Census. They’ve made it even easier than ever before by allowing you to complete your survey online or via phone. So, while we’re under social distancing orders, take just ten minutes out of your day to complete the census for your household. April 1st (Census Day) has come and gone. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore taking the census. Each household must complete a census survey by the end of August.

Every 10 years, US residents are asked to complete a census survey to help the government decide where to allocate funds. Complete your 2020 census today.

2020 Census

Online Survey

Probably the easiest way to complete your 2020 Census is online. Simply visit the My 2020 Census website set up by the government. Click on “start questionable”. It should take no longer than 10 minutes to fill out (less for smaller households). They allow you to choose from 13 different languages. So, you really have no excuse for not taking this survey.

Phone Survey

Don’t want to do an online survey? You can complete your questionnaire via phone instead. Call (844) 330-2020 to start. In high volume call times, they offer a callback option instead of waiting on hold. Just leave the phone number you prefer that they call you back on and the date/time of availability. Then, someone will call you back.

Mail Survey

When you received your invitation from the Census Bureau last month, it included a questionnaire to fill out and mail in. Follow the instructions on the questionnaire and send it back in the prepaid envelope provided.

Why Take the Census?

The government uses the information to determine how much money a city receives for its public programs. This includes money allocated for schools, road maintenance, and other services. Even our 911 service depends on information from the census to determine how much money they receive for effective coverage.

The census never asks you for your:

  • entire social security number (they may request the last 4 digits for verification purposes only)
  • bank account or credit card numbers
  • political affiliations
  • donations or money

If someone calls you or talks to you in person stating that they are with the US Census Bureau and asks for any of these things, it’s a scam. Do not give them any information. If someone comes to your house claiming to be a census taker, ask for their official census badge. Then, call the regional bureau (800-923-8282). Right now, you should not be seeing anybody from the Census Bureau knocking on your door. For someone that calls you claiming to be with the Census Bureau, contact the National Processing Center.


March 2020 Lake Havasu Market Report

The March 2020 Lake Havasu Market Report showed sales falling off slightly but prices going up. Low inventory levels and interest rates have buyers still searching for a great property to call their own.

Mayor Urges Social Distancing in Lake Havasu

Coronavirus (aka COVID-19) has been all over the news lately. Areas hardest hit seem to be along both coastlines. Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles all put major restrictions in place to limit exposure to others. In some areas, a total lockdown was put in place. Just last night, Mayor Sheehy proclaimed a state of emergency in Lake Havasu City. In response to COVID-19 concerns across the country, he urges people to limit gatherings to 10 people or less to keep with current CDC guidelines. While no Coronavirus cases have been officially reported in Lake Havasu City, he hopes that implementing a few guidelines and restrictions now keeps it from creeping into our town. Therefore, social distancing needs to become the norm for the next few weeks to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Lake Havasu City Mayor Sheehy urges social distancing for the foreseeable future to keep exposure risk to the COVID-19 at a minimum.

Social Distancing in Lake Havasu

What Does That Mean?

Search our featured Lake Havasu homes for sale hereSince COVID-19 can be transmitted in the air from close contact, the CDC recommends keeping a six-foot distance between you and other people. President Trump recently held a press conference urging people to limit gatherings to 10 people or less. To help reduce possible exposure to COVID-19, Major Shehy asked that local bars, clubs, restaurants, libraries, and other places of public gathering take measures to keep this distance between customers.

Local Closures

Organizers already canceled or postponed several upcoming scheduled events through the end of March. The LHUSD closed schools through March 27th. The Aquatic Center shut down to the public for the foreseeable future. Expect any government offices to be closed to the public for now. Our local fire stations remain closed for public tours. However, they remain on service in case of emergency. Parks remains open. Feel free to visit and get some much needed fresh air. But, remember to keep that six-foot barrier between you and others. If it looks too crowded or you feel a bit under the weather, stay home. To stay up-to-date with all Coronavirus information, visit the City of Lake Havasu’s COVID-19 website.


If you can work from home, the mayor suggests that you do it. Limit runs to the grocery store for what you absolutely must get. And don’t overbuy in a panic. Remember, your neighbors need supplies, too. Officials around the country suggest keeping at least two weeks of food, water, household supplies, and medication on hand in case a “shelter in place” order comes to pass. Currently, the mayor has not put that order in place here. And, if we all remain calm and do our part to limit potential exposure, one will never be deemed necessary here.

So, if you practice social distancing, does that mean you must stay at home all the time? No. Let the kids play in your backyard. Take the dog for a nice long walk (as long as you keep your distance from others). Go for a drive. Literally thousands of acres of desert land surround our fair city. Take the camper out for some dry camping in the desert. Bring your desert toys with you. Make it an adventure. And practice good hygiene. Wash your hands regularly. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. While you may not experience the nastiest effects of COVID-19, you and/or your children could pass it on to someone that might not fare as well…like grandma or grandpa. Let’s all do our part to stay safe during this crazy time. And continue good safety practices after the curve has flattened.

Steve Ticknor, Sunstone Realty Professionals, Find Your Place in the Sun

February 2020 Lake Havasu Market Report

Lake Havasu City - February 2020 Market Report

Havasu Bluegrass on the Beach Festival 2020

January felt like it dragged on forever. Then, before you know it, February is almost over. How did that happen?! Even in the winter, we in Lake Havasu enjoy beautiful weather in the mid- to the upper-70s range. That means fantastic weather for outdoor events like the Havasu Bluegrass on the Beach Festival taking place in just a couple of weeks.

Bring the entire family (and enough chairs for everybody) to enjoy great music and a fun time at the 3 day Havasu Bluegrass on the Beach Festival 2020.

What: Havasu Bluegrass on the Beach Festival 2020
Where: Lake Havasu State Park
When: March 6th to 8th, gates open at 8:30 am, live music from 10 am to dusk
Admission: $25 to $100
Contact: Larry and Sondra Baker, L & S Promotions, (209) 480-4693 or via email

Havasu Bluegrass on the Beach Festival 2020

Search our featured Lake Havasu homes for sale hereWhile the rest of the country sets their clocks forward (Daylight Savings Time beings on March 8th), Arizona leaves their clocks alone. Anyone in Lake Havasu that weekend also gets to enjoy some amazing bluegrass music at this festival right on the beach. Since 2002, the annual Bluegrass on the Beach Festival has taken place on the first full weekend of March. Dozens of the best Bluegrass performers hit the stage throughout this three-day event. Artists include Larry Gillis & West Coast Swampgrass, the Flint Hill Special, and five-time Male Vocalist of the Year Russell Moore & IIIrd Time Out. If you love bluegrass, you won’t want to miss this festival!

Quick Tips

Bluegrass on the Beach is strictly a “BYOC” event (ie, Bring Your Own Chair). Scout out and claim your spot early. Chairs may be set up on the first day and left there for the entire weekend as a “saved” spot. Just make sure you take them with you when you leave on Sunday. Promoters encourage families to come. That includes your four-legged family members as well. All they ask is that you be responsible. Pick up after your pet. Keep them on a leash. And leave them at your campsite or with your other family members when visiting the food court. Yes, food and drinks will be available from on-site vendors. Artisans also set up booths around the festival site selling T-shirts, jewelry, clothing, and more. If you want a campfire, you’ll need to bring your own containment vessel from home. Smoking, pets, and any outside alcohol must be kept away from vendor areas.

Ticket Info

Early bird online ticket purchasing ended on February 21st. You may only purchase tickets at the gate now. They run $25 per adult (age 18+) and $10 per day for teens (age 13 to 17). Kids under 13 get in for free every day. You may purchase a three-day pass including dry camping (for Friday to Sunday) for $100 per adult. That keeps you in the action from sun up to sundown. Dry campsites are first come-first served. No reservations required. For more info, contact festival promotors Larry and Sondra Baker at (209) 480-4693.

Volunteer Opportunities

All help is greatly appreciated. Volunteer shifts run four hours at a time. Positions available include ticket booth sales, stagehand, parking, safety crew, backstage, ice sales, shuttle driver (golf cart), and info booth. They are looking for volunteers to help set up everything beginning the Monday before the festival. To download a sign-up form, please click

Steve Ticknor, Sunstone Realty Professionals, Find Your Place in the Sun

January 2020 Lake Havasu Market Report

According to the Jan 2020 Lake Havasu Market Report, the median sale price hit its highest point ever at $300,000, with sales up almost 34% from last year.

Lake Havasu Vintage Trailer Campout 2020

Our lake offers endless hours of entertainment in the middle of the desert. But there’s more to do here than watersports. Literally thousands upon thousands of acres of desert land surround Lake Havasu City. That means hiking, offroading, and camping for all you “desert dawgs”. Brand new Prevost, Newmars, and Foretravel motorcoaches set you back over $1 million a pop. Who wants to get those dirty? Vintage trailers like Airstream, Shasta, Spartan, and Forester have seen a surge in popularity recently. To celebrate these more modest predecessors to today’s camping trailers, owners travel to our fair city for the Lake Havasu Vintage Trailer Campout 2020.

Whether you own a vintage trailer or are just an admirer of them, plan on attending the Lake Havasu Vintage Trailer Campout 2020 Jan 30th to Feb 2nd.

What: Lake Havasu Vintage Trailer Campout 2020
Where: Lake Havasu State Park (699 London Bridge Rd)
When: January 30th to February 2nd
Campers: $25/night, Spectator Admission: $3/person
Contact: Cherri & Mike Aiken, Event Organizers (360) 708-7495 or via email

Lake Havasu Vintage Trailer Campout 2020

Search our featured Lake Havasu homes for sale hereNow in its sixth year, the Havasu Vintage Trailer Campout offers camper owners the chance to visit with others and show off what they’ve done to their trailers. This four-day dry-camping event provides outlets for cells phones. You’ll also find restrooms complete with showers on-site. They also provide power for any medical devices, should you need it. Other than that, though, no hook-ups. Bring all materials you need for a comfortable stay with you (food, water, etc.). And, please make sure you clean up after yourself.

Reserve Thursday, January 30th, for set-up only. On Friday, the 31st, campers gather for a meet and greet at 6 pm. Do you have anything you’d like to sell? Bring it with you for the Swap Meet on Saturday (8 am to 12 pm). For dinner Saturday night, provide your best dish for the community potluck at 5 pm.

Don’t have a vintage trailer but still want to see them in person? Organizers invite spectators to the party from 10 am to 3 pm on Friday and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday. Spectators enter through the designated entryway at the main park entrance off Industrial and London Bridge Rd. Follow the signs to enjoy the view. The park allows leashed pets anywhere but on the white sand beach.


Campers pay a $25 fee per night. Reserve your spot and pay for it when you arrive. Spectators pay just $3 to enter the State Park. If you have any questions, please contact Cherri or Mike Aiken at (360) 708-7495.

Steve Ticknor, Sunstone Realty Professionals, Find Your Place in the Sun

December 2019 Lake Havasu Market Report

According to the December 2019 Lake Havasu Market Report, the median sale price hit its highest point of the entire year, with total sales up over 17% from last year. Inventory remains very low.